In 1997, we set out this journey of developing a platform where we could touch lives and change society and that gave birth to the talk show Inside-Out with Agatha.

For many years, Inside-Out with Agatha highlighted a lot of issues in the society and realized there were no solution providers. There were no persons to provide for the needs of the vulnerable and in the light of finding a solution to this challenge, FESECA was birthed. This is because we realized we had a tool to reach out to people who are willing to be part of the change narrative. Hence, FESECA came as a way of reaching out to the vulnerable, using the media to promote values, re-orientate people and be a solution provider to these set of people.

Over the years, we have worked with youths, widows, street children, victims of domestic violence, drug addicts to mention a few of them. However, after 20 years of hosting The Inside-Out with Agatha’s show, I decided to gracefully bow out and handed it over to the younger generation.

After bowing out in August 2017, I realized the name Inside-Out with Agatha had
become synonymous to the society thus I decided to change the name FESECA to IOWA Foundation. For the past 20 years, we have successfully built a brand that isn’t just a programme but a tool for touching lives and changing society.



To give Africa a voice amongst the developed Nations of the world


IOWA Foundation seeks to expose and exploit the potentials inherent in our society whilst advocating for a value re-orientation and moral rearmament, in the achievement of National Development, using the Media as an effective tool for change.


Co-founder Jhon Doe and Executive director Marty Jhon work with a talented team of professionals to accomplish Children Fund’s goals and mission.

Rita Onyilo

Programme Officer

Henry Etuk

Programme Officer

Busayo Oguntowo

Programme Officer



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